It seems like more and more cars are coming out these days with all sorts of automated features. There is park-assist, voice commands, text-to-speech, automatic braking, radar cruise control, and I am sure a whole host of other things I am forgetting. Are these things that are actually desired and/or used by significant portions of the population, or is it pure gimmick?

I, for one, actively avoid cars that have those features, and avoid using them to the extent that they are on any cars that I ever drive. Not because I care about "driving purity" or any Jaloppo idealistic mantra like that, but mostly for a combination of (1) I don't think that any of those systems are actually that convenient to use; (2) they generally don't seem to work well and/or I don't really trust them; and (3) it is just more expensive and complicated stuff to brake.

How about you guys? Do any of you use any of these automated features? Do you know anyone that does?