The mission here was to design a car that idealized 1955-1957 styling cues. 1950-1954 is too rounded and mundane, 1958-1959 is too excessive and gaudy, especially with the quad headlamps that many automakers used. β€˜55-’57 scores a nice balance in terms of 1950s car design, all in my opinion.

Inspiration: The space-age landyachts of the mid β€˜50s, like Oldsmobile 98, Pontiac Star Chief, Cadillac Eldorado, Buick Roadmaster

So the basic shape is there, now I need some details, imaginary specs, and a name.

The sides look a bit too boxy, the entire car looks a bit too tall, and the seats inside looks a bit cramped for the car’s great length, from the outside at least.


Length: 5,750 mm = 226.4 in. = ~18.9 feet

Wheelbase: 3,300 mm = 129.9 in. = ~10.8 feet

Width: 1,957 mm (see what I did there?) = 77 in. = ~6.4 feet

Height: 1,525 mm = 60 in. = 5 feet

-400 ci. OHV V8 - 470 hp, 550 lb-ft

-7 speed automatic, push button selected

-Plush leather bench seats for 6