I did a bad thing

So last weekend I was in Austin to look at wedding venues with my fiancee (don't worry this is car related). On Friday, her brother and my mother joined us, we were driving around in my C63.

So on our way out to one in Dripping Springs I see this Camaro SS coming up like a bat out of hell behind me. This guy is cutting everyone off, never using his blinker. He pulls up next to me, revs his engine and then cuts me off (again, no blinker). I end up next to him at the next light and he revved his engine a few times, then tore off when the light turned green.


At the next light, I made my mistake. Okay, let me start off with a few things: I know I shouldn't try to race people on the street, and I do know this road very well (no pedestrians, you can see about a mile out from it, empty road conditions too), but for some reason this guy just annoyed the hell out of me. So again he revs the crap out of his engine. I don't look at him, but my fiancee's brother says he's looking over at me thinking he just showed me. So I mention to everyone that I am putting the transmission into sport mode.

Light turns green, I floor it. I hear him fail to get grip then catch it and see him in my mirror soon after. As soon as I hit 65 (the speed limit), I get off the gas and lightly touch the brakes. He blasts by me going probably about 75 mph, only to get pulled over a 2 miles down the road.

So: I know I shouldn't race on the streets, but that was fun.

(For clarity: I know the picture is a RS not an SS, also my C63 is a sedan, not a coupe)

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