I spent the last 2 weeks looking for my bag that contains the battery/replacement blades/misc accessories for battery tool kit. I’ve looked through every nook and cranny in the house, garage and shed and cannot find it, which means I’m down 4 batteries, 2 chargers, extra sawzall, jig saw and multi-tool blades, plus anything else that was in there. I think one of three things happened.

  • I accidentally threw them away (80% chance). They are stored near the garbage can in the garage, and i do remember it be much heavier than i expected a few weeks back, however, i had just done a deep clean in the garage and threw away a lot of junk that i had no reason to hold on to.
  • They are hiding somewhere (18% chance). I have a tendency to set things down and find it months later, but i have no idea where they could have gone (see looked everywhere) above
  • Someone stole only this bag (2% chance). I doubt this happened, as i dont see why they would grab that specific bag and not the tote with all of the tools sitting right near where the bag would be.

Just ordered the replacements, and it came to just under $320 :(. Whats something dumb everyone else has done recently?

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