I Did a Stupid.

Yesterday I took the Rabbit to the self service car wash because I don’t have a working hose at my house. I washed, clay barred, washed, and waxed it, then washed it again. The car looks a lot better, but I also did something dumb. I washed under the hood, specifically the back side of the engine where the shifter linkage is. I did this primarily because I have to replace the linkage bushings and I wanted to at least get rid of some of the grease/oil/dirt that had collected there. It helped, a bit.

However now the car won’t start. It started up fine at at car wash, and then I went over to a friends house to talk about converting the trunk into a tailgate, more on that in the future. However when I tried to leave his house the car wouldn’t start. We monkeyed withnit for an hour. Tried to jump it first, because I forgot I have a volt gauge, which rear 12 volts. We tried tapping on the starter, we checked the fuses in the box under the dash, which is as far as I know the only one. We took apart all the connectors and checked them for water, dried a few out. Still nothing. Finally I said “why don’t we tried to pop start it. And that worked just fine to get it home.

As a special bonus while looking for problems I discovered that one of my valve cover bolts is stripped out. Uuuuuuh.


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