Cutting to the chase, I pretty much saved 4 people's lives a few hours ago. Adrenaline is still going from it all.

So I took the red Titan to Tennessee to go pick up a new trailer. On the way back, some semi trucks flipped over and I-40 got closed. So I found a little 2 lane road that would scoot me around the wreck. I was driving behind a minivan, when a deer appeared out of nowhere.

The minivan hit the deer, lost control, went off the right side of the road, rolled down a hill, and landed upside down in a creek. I stopped the truck, took off my boots / socks, emptied my pockets, grabbed a rope from the truck, tied it to the winch strap on the trailer, and ran down the hill. Another guy that stopped went down with me, and a 3rd person called 911.


We waded across the creek over to the van. Got the back hatch open and pulled two young girls out (probably around 5 and 7). I carried them both across the creek into the arms of some more people who had reached the bank. Got back to the van and helped pull open the sliding door. A 3rd girl (about 12 or 13) couldn't get her belt off. We cut it off and pulled her out and helped her across.

The girls were all crying that their mother was still in there. The front end was completely submerged, and red stuff (which I later realized was ATF) was spreading out across the water. I went underwater, put my upper body into the van, reached towards the driver's seat, and grabbed the mom's shoulder. She grabbed my arm. I pulled her towards me and got her head back above the water. She was choking for air and crying for her daughters.

We got her back up the bank to the road where her daughters were all waiting. By then police and EMTs were showing up on scene (one of the people who stopped happened to be an off-duty EMT as well). They were all way shaken up, but for the most part fine. The mother had a small cut on her foot, and one of the daughters had a mild concussion. Can't believe there were no more serious injuries.