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I did a thing!

My iPhone was feeling jealous of all the talk of a 6S so it decided it wanted a new fresh look! So I told it the easiest to do, but hardest for me to do mentally would be a change of wallpapers and lock screens. I’ve had the “Screamin’ Chicken” logo as my background for a long time. (Great logo for a car I’d always wanted) And the lock screen was a picture I took of a ZL1 that was at the Indy 500 with color changing halo lights. So I took a bunch of pictures based on color and would periodically change the lock screen based on what color I wanted....lame I know but fun for me.

Anyway, new background is now a Mercedes logo in honor of my new DD, the C250. And the lock screen...(I’m a terrible judge of Mercedes...I’m trying) is something slick and perfect for a lock screen.


What is your current wallpaper for your phone? :)

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