A Tdi buyback that is. I returned my 2012 Golf tdi 2dr to a dealer in Santa Moncia, CA. Process took around 10 minutes, from parking in the lot to meeting with the claims rep, to leaving.

• I turned my car in with around 40100 miles with a nice dent in the back from backing into a pole in a parking deck, which I accidentally did last Friday. Front fog light glass was cracked as well from road debris. They do not deduct for this, thank god..


• The appointment was super quick. I was worried it would go horribly wrong or/and take forever. My rep was nice and quick. Filled out the power of attorney and mileage form and handed over my title and keys. They made a copy of my DL as well. Once he was done, he submitted it through his app, and then I got my receipt 1 min later. He said Chase would email for quickpay in 2-3 business days. So I suspect Monday of next week judging from what I saw on Tdi Club.

• I didn’t deal with any staff aside from the guy who parked my car elsewhere on the lot since i parked in a handicap spot (since there were no spots available where they told me to park over the phone.. and it looked like they were gonna run into car storage issues.) and the rep inside. The dealer didn’t offer me anything and I didn’t really give a shit.

This car is not for sale. Yet...

• Took a Lyft home, and drove my CLK550 to work!

hate the wheels..

These are the new rims I will be replacing the stock chrome wheels with.

Off of an SL55 AMG

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