I installed my anolog boost gauge today. I also took the VR4 on a 260 mile trip, which included some in town driving a d a bit of hooning. When I got home filled back up 10.5 gallon so I averaged just shy of 25mpg not bad for an AWD turbocharged car from 25 years ago.

The right now it’s just zip tied to the steering column, and the vacuum line isn’t tucked away, but that’s temporary, I wanted to try it in different locations before went drilling holes in stuff. I’m not 100% set on right in the middle but it blocks the least amount of warning lights and other gauges there.

The other option is to mount it on top of the speaker grill just left of the gauge cluster. You can see the hole where the grill is supposed to be is where he vac line is come Ming up thro at the moment.