As of now, the Sportcross is fully un-debadged. It was a fun little afternoon project. And I found out that ebay has screwed me again, but whatever.

When I bought these badges, the description said they were OEM. Those with a discerning eye may have noticed something right away: True OEM side emblems are actually noticeably smaller! I did some research on the IS Forums and confirmed my fears. For whatever reason, most aftermarket badges are bigger. That’s why the black ones you see some people put on the IS sedan look just a bit out of proportion. At least I don’t have a trunk lid to draw attention to my gigantic WRONG badges.

Here are some correct badges:

Notice how much smaller the OEM ones are...


.Ugh, son of a bitch... Well whatever. This will be good practice for if I ever decide to buy other ones.

You’ll notice in press photos, etc., that the side badges are actually lower than the center badge, but since these are bigger as they are NOT OEM!!! it would look odd now to have them staggered. So I chose have the bases align.


Putting on the LEXUS badge was going to be the easiest. It’s just one piece, whereas the IS 300 badge is in 3 pieces. I marked out the edges based on the above patterns. Next, I applied those same “reveals” and marked for the right side, mirroring the dimensions from the left side.

Next I used some glazing silicone and tooled it with a pin on the backside. Aaaaand squish.



Anyway, we will see how I feel about this once I get it out of my garage and park it somewhere so I can stare at it for 45 minutes wondering if I can live with myself.

So now, I’ve got aftermarket badges, above my repainted aftermarket bumper, and a grille from the wrong year, and a front bumper that needs to be realigned. Compared to my previous vehicles, these are very good problems to have.