I had three hours before work. Glossy black for parts of cars sucks for fingerprints and swirls. I solved that problem this afternoon. I needed something to do to pass the time, and this was the result.


After removing/prying the trim panel, slightly denting the aluminum trunk in the process (see below), I wet-sanded the panel and pony with 600 grit, and applied four coats of the same trim paint I used on my louver trim.

The end result isn’t that bad IMO. A decklid panel I can touch and close the trunk with and not worrying about scratching or getting finger prints on. Also easier to clean!


The little dents (love taps) are hardly noticeable, conveniently in spots eyes won’t look at and I can’t be bothered to spend $$$ to fix what isn’t that bad. More character I say. 

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