I Did A Thing

This last Sunday I traded in the black motorcycle for the least masculine color combo offered in 2016 and I couldn’t be happier because I might have a sweater vest that matches.

The black one (my first freedom-cycle) was just fantastic. I bought it seven years ago at 15K miles, and let it go with 59K miles. Not too shabby. It’s been to Wyoming (from DC) as well as other week long trips around the region. Most of the miles have come from commuting, and it’s been practically trouble-free. It’s never left me stranded in the 45K miles I had it. Honestly, I think I put more money into tires than I did repairs.


The new one is a 2016 Road King. Pretty standard. The big updates for me is a linked braking system, ABS, hard, locking bags, and an option to show RPM on the odometer. Displacement is a little bigger, buy only by 7%.

This is the last year of the twin-cam engine, so this is as developed as it gets. They moved to a new engine design the next year.


Yes, the stock seat sucks. Yes, the handlebars are too high for me, and yes, it’s lacking the super sweet wide white walls. The tires will have to wait, but the saddle and bars are just around the corner.


This was the hardest color to find, since it wasn’t very popular. I fell in love with it before I realized it was only offered in 2016... and well before I realized there were only about 15 for sale in the country.

I found one local to me, and jumped on it.


Oh, and I’m totally going to double the mileage the first owner put on it by the end of next week.

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