I did a thing this weekend

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Consider yourselves cat-fished. I didn’t buy a Corvette ZR-1. I didn’t buy anything, really. Other than copious amounts of bourbon. However, I did come out as bi to my parents and my brother. Which, at 33 years of age, is still huge. I didn’t know what to expect. Everything went well. Timing was bad (father’s day weekend). I didn’t plan it. I just grew tired of hiding who I am from those who love me most. Everyone was so supportive and understanding. Even though, I’m not fully out (work, etc), the important people know. And now, so does Oppo.


I don’t post often (long time lurker at this point due to work things). However, I know you guys are an awesome group. Anyway, that was my weekend. How was Oppo’s?

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