I Did a Thing Today

Actually, this was done about 2 weeks ago.

Anyways, I did an OEM VW Euro light switch replacement. The US spec one is simple; it's either on or off, with fogs. DRL's always stay on. Here's the US spec switch:


Now, here's the one I replaced it with. Again, 100% OEM.

So this one has front and rear fogs, auto lights, and now I have the option to have the DRL's on or off, not on 100% of the time. I had to run the trigger wire for that, it was relatively easy. Then, I had to code it using VCDS. Also easy. Looks much better, I love the look. I don't have the Auto light function yet; if I wanted to go OEM it would require a new windshield, and the aftermarket sensor is stick-on.

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