I did an date

I just wanted to talk about it here because it was super fun and car-related! We met up at a go kart place and she bought us each a race, and then it took really long for a birthday party to finish up ahead of us, so they gave us each a bonus race on the house. I had the best overall lap time, but she had the best average. Then we went to the arcade and she bought us each a $50 game card without thinking twice. (I felt so bad, but she insisted on paying for everything) We played every racing game they had and then got lunch, and our waitress (or waiter? Their nametag said Christopher but they had super cool eyeshadow, so I dunno) was ridiculously nice and that’s not really relevant, but it was cool nonetheless. But anyway, then we left my truck there and she drove me to Motorcars of Atlanta, an exotics dealer, where we saw a Senna, a Diablo, three Cullinans, and so much more. Then we went to her place and played Tetris while eating Chex Mix, and I didn’t get home until 9 hours after we first met. The only weird thing is she’s ten years older than me (I’m 24) but like... there was so much chemistry. We didn’t do more than hug once at the end, but still. I dunno. I've just never gone out with someone else who's into cars. It was easily the best first date I've ever had.


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