I did car things today! (Audi For Life bait)

My local Audi club had a cruise on Angeles Crest Highway, one of my favorite roads. It's a beautiful 2-lane highway that runs along the top of Angeles National Forest, the mountain range northeast of LA. Heights reach 7500 feet! The weather was perfect and so we got about 25 cars. By comparison, a month ago when we did an Angeles Crest run, we had 6. Pretty amazing how quickly the group is growing. Everything was going smoothly when one of my buddies hit a huge rock with the right front tire of his A5, shredding it and his right rear tire, damaging both right-hand wheels, and tearing up his side skirt. Luckily he was carrying two donut spares, but definitely a buzzkill. Still ended up being a fun day, at least for the rest of us. Ashley (my A3 TDI) did beautifully and didn't miss a beat. Takeaways from the day: 1) Don't hit rocks. 2) I love my Pilot SuperSports. 3) I LOVE my torque. 4) HRE wheels are beautiful and I might sell my left kidney for a set.


Yay for tunnels.

Miss Ashley the A3 sitting pretty on the left. Soon to be sitting prettier once I install the H&R sport springs and 20mm spacers I picked up today!

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