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I did it!

Holy moly, I did it! I’ve had my Volt for 5 years and it’s officially paid for. Thanks GM for your 0% interest offer! Now we can go a few months with no payments! (of course, my wife’s car now needs a rear main seal, but oh well.)

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For old times sake:


Just about to cross 70,000 miles in 5 years, and I still love driving it! Summer tires really wake it up, if you don’t have to slow down for turns you get to keep your momentum for the next straight! Exactly what you want from a commuter car, right?

So I bought it in 2012. In 2014 I drove it nonstop from Boston MA to Ft Myers FL, about 1,300 miles (with a co-driver) in 25 hours. While there I loaded enough lumber in the back to build a staircase... a few days later we did the same thing on the return trip! My “average” MPG was about 100 before that trip, it dropped to 80 and 3 years later it’s almost back to 90.


This is an amazing car and it’s only problem is that it’s a bit small. Still highly recommend.

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