I did it. Garage cabinets on order

I have been catching myself in these massive loops of “this set has this, and this set has this, and this one cost this much and maybe I need this and that”.... well, it drives me crazy and it makes it hard to make decisions.

So, I just went with the gut feeling, and ordered this from Costco


8 pc, with bamboo top, in gray - wife didn’t want red :/

$1099 with free shipping and only $46.75 in taxes thanks to unincorporated county address. Next on the list - $350 for all of this, with lifetime warranty on tools and batteries(as long as you buy at Home Depot and register online). I wanted to go Milwaukee or DeWalt, but the battery warranty is beyond anything else on the market and the price is way better as well. I know it won’t be as good as premium brands, but I’m just a DIY home tinkerer. I still haven’t decided on angle grinder or skill saw - I have a corded skill saw so it will probably be the angle grinder option. 

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