I did it, I bought my dream car.

After four long years, I finally bought a Fiat 500 Abarth.

I’ve wanted one for what seems a decade, ever since the little hot hatch came out in 2012, I wanted one, I wanted for its heritage, it’s ties to Ferrari, the exhaust note, and to own an Italian car.


The search began months a go, when my wife and I sat down to discussing buying one for the millionth time, she knew how much I talked about buying one, and got tired of me talking about it, so with the approval processed passed, I went on the hunt.

I knew what I wanted, I wanted the “C”, with 16s, and leather. I had a budget, and I knew it was going to take some serious negotiation to get one for that budget, but after finding a 14 Nero C with Nero/Rosso leather, I knew that I had to have that one. I began emailing the dealer, working on the deal. After sixty some emails and a few phone calls later, I picked it up on the 30th, a day before my 30th birthday.

The four hour drive back was amazing, listening to the exhaust make amazing Rice Krisppy type noises shifting through the gears made me enjoy over taking, shifting down to take off ramps and on ramps was amazing.


I only learned to drive stick a few months a go, and I did it just to buy this car. And it has been worth all the embarrassment of stalling at stop signs, friends laughing at me, and getting pulled over the first night of driving manual for dropping the clutch.

I can't wait to see what adventures this car will take me on, but I know one thing, the juice was worth the squeeze.


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