A year after starting this job, I finally achieved something I myself said was impossible. I made a ceramic coating/sealant for cars that can be applied via an automatic car wash. You may all thank me here in this thread, or when I receive awards and royalties for years to come.

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Pic is not mine, we haven’t made the ad print for ours yet. But my boss’s truck has a very full finish due to being washed multiple times a day and his truck looked brand new. He literally couldn’t fathom how it happened. Best part is I only had 2 out of 3 components online. The third and final part would’ve added even more gloss after the wash.

Oh, and for those squeamish about automatic washes, this means the wash protects your own car from.....well, the automatic wash. It’s not as hard as a professional ceramic application, but damn does it come close, especially for an automatic application.


Now, if you'll excuse me, it is BBQ and beer time.

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