I did it! Now a proud 2012 A6 owner

o last week Friday I managed to sell my 2010 Taurus for a tidy profit. Over what I paid insurance to keep it and along with the insurance payout it was well over what it was worth pre-accident. So that was a good feeling! So then in the spirit of letting the good times roll, I headed to Chicago-land the next day, Elmhurst, specifically and picked up this:

It’s a 2012 A6 Premium Plus (a step down from the range-topping Prestige model), it has the 3.0 TFSI, supercharged V6 and a wonderful brown leather interior with beautiful wood accents.


Then yesterday I decided to buy myself an early Christmas present, well... I hope it arrives before Christmas, an RSNAV module, it fits behind the dash and plugs into the MMI system and enables you to run Android auto, which in the 2 weeks I had it in a rental was something I decided I can no longer live without, haha.

So how does it drive? Compared to my Taurus this is like F1 car adjacent. You don’t realize how much a landbarge a 2010 Taurus SHO really is until you drive something with a chassis like the A6. It feels quick, nimble and composed in ways that the SHO never did (although I still dearly miss that car). The 3.0 paired with the ZF 8-speed is fantastic so far!


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