I Did Not Know These Actually Existed

For some silly reason, I keep learning about all of these limited edition, specially made and borderline stupid cars. And most of them are from Chrysler Corp.

This example I found on my local Craigslist is a 1986 Chrysler Executive Sedan/Limo.


I was first introduced to the concept of a K-car limo through a mod of the great racing classic Midtown Madness. Somebody created a funny pack of K-cars that could only be dreamed up by Red Green. These included a monster truck, ricer racer, a police car, and the aforementioned limo. It was silly, large, and slow so you weren’t really going to be advancing much into the game, but to go into Cruise mode and try to lose the cops pretending you are escorting some financially strapped mob boss around Chicago was fun enough.

Then while doing random Craigslisting, I stumble upon this. It is a real K-car limo. Surely Chrysler wouldn’t be dumb enough to build such a vehicle. By now I should have learned that this is the 1980s, Chrysler is doing some dumb stuff.

The Chrysler Executive Sedan/Limo is for lack of a better term, a lengthened K-car. Quite literally... Some say that it was simply 2 K-cars cut into thirds where 66% of one car was mated to 66% of another, creating a K-car limo 32% larger than a K-car (the wheel base of the limo is actually 27% longer).


The car is powered by the Mitsubishi 4 cylinder which gives something of this size the acceleration of a tectonic plate. However, one thing it did beat other limos on was fuel economy. The car is very light compared to other limos, but one weight that it could not shake was that it was still a stupid K-car.

I am not sure if those are foot rest or jump seats? That red throw though, ewww...

The only real way to tell the difference between the limo and the sedan is by the number of passengers it could carry. The pictures in this listing are inconclusive. We can see that the interior is period 1980s with more stuffing in the seats than a FAO Schwartz bear.

so luxurious, so crappy...

For $1000 you can ride around in this bed of K-car luxury or you can take bets with your friends to see how long and where the car breaks in half from rust. Either way, you would still be cooler than the guy with the TC by Maserati.

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