APMA Forum today. I spoke on a subject no one has ever addressed before. I had a nice room.

I brought 3 lawyers with me. Not a bad employment perk for the boss to put you up here, no?

I have this radical idea that if I hire young, ambitious, smart lawyers and provide them opportunity, as well as perks like as a conference in Monterey, that we can build a profitable enterprise together.

Most lawyers keep their clients, and certainly their business sources, as far from their associates as possible. I am doing the opposite. I am gambling that by helping them build an independent client base, I keep them loyal while creating partners who pay for themselves. My old firm, a 100 lawyer firm, did not operate this way.


I am so proud right now. We spent the evening with a potentially significant referral source, generated by one of my associates (who happens to be having a baby in March). She co-presented with me AND ruled the social connection after with her contact. I am so proud of her. She did good.

Maybe I am nuts. I am certainly a little off at the moment, as I had too much to drink with these people at the bar. I am just grateful at the quality of people I have found to work for me, and they deserve to try to make for themselves what I was given the opportunity to make for myself. Sorry for drunken rambling.