Was talking to a friend about his new car (Civic identical to JQJ's) and as he is a car guy, the topics eventually moved to the superiority of manuals, the awesomeness that is the McLaren P1, and the awesomeness that is the Mercedes G63 6x6. And then, a learning experience happened. This kid is a self-proclaimed Bentley lover, however, I discovered he still could not tell the difference between this:

and this:

Yes, this gear head and Bentley fan had, on numerous occasions, been duped by a Bentley grill on a 300. Even when I showed him these two pictures, he genuinely thought both were Bentleys. He was very surprised (and a little embarrassed) to learn the difference. Funniest of all, the only way he could remember which was which was "Bentleys have round headlights". Oh well, live and learn.

(Photo credits: sm70-ynD?)