Not crazy or out of control things, (that comes later), but some maintenance stuff I have yet to do. Almost anything falls into that category, so knocking simple stuff off the list is always nice. Did my first oil and power steering fluid changes to the Shaggin' Wagon. Drives much nicer now that the dinosaurs that lube the engine and steering pump have been replaced with newer dinosaurs.

And, at the recommendation of NaturallyAspirated, I've ordered some upgrades as well, my first mods to the car. On the way from BAT Inc. are some Sachs Super Gas Shocks, some H&R Sport Springs from FSWerks, and possibly SVT wheels and brakes from a junkyard. Even though its simple, I'm impossibly excited to crack into this thing at long last, and make it just a little better to drive.

Have a FoST Wagon for your time.