It's a bit into the story I'm planning but I thought that some of you might be able to give me feedback!

“Why hello there gentlemen.” A gruff voice echoed through the room.

Before him stood a man whose face he had seen many times before. He had seen it on TV, in books, in newspapers. The man had a wrinkled face with a short but thick white beard that came around and met short white hair. His face, which with it’s peering emerald eyes, was unmistakable. A man, who despite having his entire army decimated in front of him, stood tall in a black suit and tie. Before him, smiling, stood His Majesty Hugo Risenburn.

Before Dominick could even say a word, Finnegan had stepped in front of him, drawing his revolver and pointing it at Hugo he declared. “Hugo Risenburn! By the New Aranian Order I hereby place you under arrest.”

Hugo pulled off his glasses and withdrawing a cleaning cloth from his pocket began to clean them. “Finnegan Mallardi, head of the New Aranian Order. How nice of you to visit.” He said while smiling.


“Listen here you bastard!” Perth started in a run towards Hugo before Finnegan held out his arm to block her. “Do you really think he would leave himself this unprotected?” He warned.

“He’s right, Perth.” Dominick added, then turned to Hugo. “So what is it?”

Hugo placed his glasses back on his face then turned to look out the window, which covered an entire wall of the room. Out of the window one could see the explosions of the battle happening on the ground below. He pulled a cigarette out of his jacket and placed it on his lips. Then he began feeling around in his jacket looking for something.


“Would you happen to have a lighter on you?” Hugo spoke, not turning around. Though he was not facing Finnegan, one could tell the comment was intended for him.

Perth’s eyes opened wide. “I got a nine millimeters of hot led! That should be more than enough to light your—“ Finnegan placed a finger over her mouth. “I have one.” He then walked towards Hugo.


“You fucking dumbass!” Perth exploded.

However, as if he did not hear her, he continued until he stood side by side with Hugo. “Here” Finnegan said as he pulled out his zippo and lit Hugo’s cigarette.


Perth began to raise her gun; however before she could do anything rash Dominick put his hand on her shoulder. “This is Finnegan, if he felt that it would have been a good idea to shoot him, he would of done it himself.” He reasoned.

She lowered her weapon. “I guess you’re right.”

“Care for one?” Hugo offered a cigarette. Finnegan took one then lighting it placed it in his mouth.


Finnegan stared into the explosion-riddled battlefield. Before him he saw man after man die. Finnegan closed his eyes and exhaled a long breath. For a moment there was no noise expect that of the raging battle outside.

Hugo withdrew his cigarette and pulled out a flask taking a long slug. “’They wrote in the old days that it is sweet and fitting to die for one's country. But in modern war, there is nothing sweet nor fitting in your dying. You will die like a dog for no good reason.’”


“Hemmingway?” Finnegan said slowly.

“I believe so.” He said putting away his flask.

“I must respect you, allowing us to get all the way to you is quite the risky move. You could of left as soon as you saw the assault coming, but you didn’t. Instead you stood in this room unguarded, knowing that I would come. However even after all of this conjecture I still haven’t been able to tell what your trump card is yet. You are much too complex to simply poison the cigarette; you are too honest to booby trap the room. I’m curious, what is it?” Finnegan said with his eyes never leaving the carnage outside.


“Explosives.” Hugo said still staring out the window.

Finnegan smiled. “I should of known, a versatile weapon. A weapon that which would allow your death to look like an attack by us.”


“There’s more.” He smirked.

“Oh is there?” Finnegan said.

“Quite, you care to hear?” He lowered his cigarette.

“That’s why we’re here.”

“This military base currently has fifty-four intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads in its launch silos. Currently I have an EKG attached to me, which is broadcasting a signal to a military base somewhere in this country. In that military base there is a man who I have given the missile launch codes for the base. I have also given him instructions, which are as follows ‘If my heart ceases to beat or the signal is lost, then launch all the available rockets at the cities listed below.’ Then I gave him a list of cities with a population of over ten million, with one city noticeably absent, the rebel controlled city of New York.”


Finnegan exhaled deeply. “And let me guess. The resulting chaos and destruction would all be blamed on the rebels who had occupied the base. We would be seen as terrorist, loose all support, and millions would be dead. In the midst of this tragedy one of the people you have designated to succeed you would act as a beacon of hope. The ultimate defeat.”

“Quite, now are you ready to hear my demands?”