I did something!!

Sorry for the crappy pictures. But it’s mine! I haven’t chosen a name, but its theme song is obviously Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole.” Even though it’s not exactly fully black; it’s black paint with brown metallic flakes which are difficult to see and which make touch-up pens worthless....


But anyway, yeah, I love it! It’s, unfortunately, just a base model with an engine so small I could fit an 8-year-old child between it and the hood, but it’s still putting out 130ish horses and getting 30ish MPG, so it’s a huge improvement over the Escort. (which is going to be fixed up and then sold to either my sister or my girlfriend, whenever one of them finally gets around to getting their license.)

My plans are to wait out the factory warranty (two more years or 25,000 more miles) and then replace these ugly hubcaps, possibly drop it an inch or two, and then maybe get a vinyl wrap. It looks nice in black, but look at my username. I need colors, damn it! I most likely won’t upgrade the engine ever, because I have a 10-year powertrain warranty from the dealer and I’d rather not void it. If it lasts me that long, though, I might do something nice for it.

But anyway.... My only complaint is that it’s hard to coast with the 6-speed automatic; it downshifts pretty much immediately after letting off the gas. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, though. It’s apparently very common for new Soul owners to think something is wrong with it because of that.

Also, I realize I could just look it up, but I have a theory that “active eco” mode is just a fancy word for overdrive. I can’t feel any difference in city driving, and I haven’t taken it above 65 yet.

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