Rounding out the saga of my quitting, I didn’t last the whole week. In fact, I only made it one day. Sunday night, I texted my boss (only reliable way to contact him on the weekend) that I had a new opportunity I was going to take, and that I was only able to give one week’s notice. I apologized sincerely. Monday morning came, and... hey, we need to drop these things off in Valdosta, right by the Florida border. (I’m in north Georgia, so about 4 hours away - not too bad compared to what I’m used to) But then we also need you to take this over to Savannah (another 3.5 hours, thanks to a lack of freeways between those cities) and then this other thing is going to Fitzgerald. (I’ve never heard of it before, but it’s another 3 hours from Savannah and 3.5 hours from home)

14 hours of driving, plus about 2.5 hours of loading and unloading, meant that I got home at 11:30 PM after working more than two full shifts. That’s.... fine. Whenever that happens, I get the next day off.

Except for this time.

No, they wanted me in at 7:00 AM again right away to go on an overnight delivery somewhere. That’s what did it for me. Tuesday morning, I told them that there was a misunderstanding and that I wouldn’t be able to finish out the week. It’s not really a lie, either: I was under the incorrect assumption that I wouldn’t be overworked that week. Was it out of spite? Who knows. My best guess is they figured that they could demand more of me than ever, because I was already gone and the worst that could happen is I leave a couple of days early.

Whatever the case, I feel bad for my coworkers but relieved for myself. I’m still just 23, so I can play the young-and-dumb position if it ever comes up in future interviews. I don’t think it was necessarily the right choice, but I also don’t think it was a terrible one.

Here’s a car video for your time: