Lincoln makes great cars. It's true. I didn't say they were awe-inspiring cars. I didn't say they were very "Jalop" in nature. I didn't say they were performance cars. I DID say they were great cars.

Lincoln makes great passenger cars. That's what they are trying to do. There isn't a Lincoln version of the Mustang for a reason - that's not the direction they are trying to go (even if we think it should be).

Let's review Lincoln's model line up in comparison to it's downgraded Ford counterpart.

MKZ - Fusion

MKX - Edge

MKS - Taurus

MKT - Taurflexplorer (new word, I like it. It's pronounced Taur-Flex-Plorer)

Navigator - Expedition

So the MKZ is a classed up version of the Fusion. We love the Fusion, let's start liking it's cousin.


The MKX is the Edge. It's a boring crossover built on an aging platform (last gen Fusion). But it's solid, there's nothing really wrong with it. And a new Edge is reported to be coming in 2015 so I expect a Lincoln version shortly after or at the same time.


The MKS is the Taurus. We love the Taurus, especially in SHO format (engine and AWD available in MKS). Stop hating the MKS.

The MKT is a Taurflexplorer (I just made that word up above but it's really growing on me). All of those are damn solid vehicles, so despite it's styling which a lot of people associate with a hearse - it's a great almost wagon, and I know you all love wagons.


The Navigator - Apparently the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" policy is in place with this vehicle. It's nothing to jump around about, but it's nicer than an Expedition and equally capable (despite it's frequent mall trips).


There are no manual transmissions in the lineup. There are no performance trims like Cadillac does with the V or BMW does with M. They are just passenger cars. And they do EXACTLY what they are supposed to. They class up the Ford version and drive just as reliably. If you aren't a fan of the style or designs it's a personal opinion. Sure you're entitled to it but it doesn't mean the cars don't WORK. They do.

So please everyone. Remember that these are not bad cars. They are just as good as their Ford counterparts, even if they may be overpriced (I'm looking at you upcoming MKZ Black Edition).