The other day I posted a ‘69 Torino Cobra Jet (albeit minus the Cobra Jet) on my localish CL for $2000. Now I find this from the same seller:

Allegedly a Dan Gurney edition (the other paint scheme was Cale Yarborough) ‘69 Cyclone Spoiler II. One of 503 (or like 350 or so if you believe the story that Mercury didn’t have them done in time when NASCAR came to count cars for homologation), I wonder if he’s got the extended nose piece that goes with it...because that would be basically impossible to find if its not with the car.


What it ought to look like.

A weird thing about this car is that they were all 351s with column shifted automatics. The engine they were supposed to use in NASCAR was the Boss 429, which they homologated separately in the Boss 429 Mustang...probably because if they didn’t have the 503 cars done the engine obviously wasn’t ready and they wanted to get the body shape in use.


Anyway, $7000 for what looks like a relatively solid, restorable example of a car that will climb in value eventually seems pretty good. Though if it’s me and money is no object, I put the car together the way it should have been instead of the way it was, and get a Boss 429 with a 4 speed in there.