I didn't kill him

Some dude had multiple rearward LED clusters wired up to a switch and turned them on as soon as I pulled up behind him. He then proceeded to pull off into a turn lane, only to pull up behind me and turn his brights on. The irony being that his normal headlights were blinding, but his brights went above my eye level. Times like this I wish I could get angry enough to let emotions override critical thinking, but for better or worse (better, *sigh*) I was calm and turned off early.

WSU and a police plate. Thatโ€™s as good a warning as any that a dbag is inside.

Also, Miata content. Clean for the first time in a long time. Seriously needs a good clay bar session, which Iโ€™m dreading...


Anywho... After 12 years of boxing I decided to try MMA, and am currently heading to the gym to celebrate my one-year anniversary. Birthday means I get control of the stereo, and weโ€™re going death metal tonight boys and girls. Maybe some old-school In Flames, with a sprinkle of Psycroptic.

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