I didn't realize everyone was driving this much

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Today I was having a discussion with some coworkers on average mileage driven every year, Because my assumption was a lot lower than another coworkers, I looked it up. I thought there was no way it was above 15,000 miles/year, but according to the FHWA, males in my demographic,20-34, drive close to 18,000 miles/year. Overall the average is 13,476 miles/years, which is lower than my assumption, but then it takes into account teenagers and retired people.


Now, I don’t know how they generated these numbers, nor do I know their validity. I have heard that the general trend since the great recession was an increase in both miles driven and average age of vehicle. I do know that I did 27,000 miles a year in Savannah and last year I did around 13,000 in both my 328i and M3. 

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