Recently, there have been more and more external blogs promoting their posts on Oppo. I feel like making a post that is only a link to an external blog posting that you have an affiliation with that is not just "reader" is wrong. In other words, I don't think you should be allowed to promote non-Oppo articles you were paid to write or promote on Oppo.

Now, if a regular user makes a post that is a copy/pasted version of an article they wrote on a different site, I think that's fine. But when it's something like this, it's a different story:

I cry foul.

Oppositelock has a set of guidelines and rules that have served us very well. The revised handbook can be found here.


But there is not a mention of external blog posts. I think there should be. These posts fly in the face of the Oppositelock spirit. The spirit that keeps this such a wonderful promotion-and-advertisement-free refuge for all those who enjoy putting the pedal to the floor and kicking the ass out. For those who care as much about the journey as the destination. Can we all try and keep Oppo pure? Is there a way to amend the rules to eliminate this kind of post?