I Discovered the Fate of the Citroen I Used to See

Sneaky photo bomb by my friend’s Evo VI

I used to see this XM parked near my house all the time, until it disappeared. By pure coincidence I discovered what happened to it.

First time I saw it I didn’t even know what it was. I’d probably never seen an XM, even in Australia which has a decent helping of frogmobiles. The weird glasshouse and the fact that it was low as hell got my attention. I used to gawk at it whenever I was down that way, it even made it into the rotation of wallpaper photos on my phone.


But then it was gone, I haven’t seen it in a year at least.

Well, recently I was out for a run (training for a 28km trail run in January NBD), I looked to my right right down a random driveway and bam! There it was. Sitting in a yard, on its bum, covered in a tarp. It looked dead. I could only see a corner peaking out, but apparently my eyes are trained for carspotting. Also the portion of the numberplate I could see confirms it.

So a sad tale. But it’s nice to have closure.

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