I do have an E34 M5...

Grill badge that is. I got it from ebay.co.uk back when I was in college. I forget what I paid for it, but I bought few M grill badges because I wanted them. I even got an E28 M5 grill badge for £1 shipped. The E34 grill badge now sits on the base of my M5 cam shaft lamp.


The astute among you might recognize that the lamp is not made from an I6 cam, like the E34 M5 had. It’s for an engine which had a bank of 4 cylinders; it’s a cam out an S62, which was in the E39 M5. Like the badge, I got it from ebay. I do have also have a lamp made from an I6 cam.

I pulled this cam myself, it came out of an E34 with an M50. 

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