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I done did it.

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Graphic: seat covers, be warned.

These aren’t mine, and I’m only doing the fronts, but I have identical full leather covers on order for the 80. I also purchased the factory seat heater switches and plan to install seat heaters. Any advice on where to get quality carbon fiber heat pads? I realize there are many out there, but there are probably only a few good ones.



I was a little bummed they only sell the premium covers (full leather) instead of my prefered 70 leather 30 vinyl (about $180 difference) but he gave me $80 off to sweeten the deal so that helped.


This is going to be an expensive project. $40 to fix the broken gearbox on the passenger side, $150 in switches (damn this obsession to factory appearance and function!) About $800 is covers (ouch) and another $500 for install. There goes most of my boat money. There isn’t going to be enough left over for rust repair. Don’t judge.

I’m still hoping I can get the labor done for free, but my free installer has too many projects and is also partial to not wanting to. Plus won’t be nearly as good at foam repair and making them fit tight.

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