I went to go do the brakes on the Miata this morning and found that I had accidentally ordered 94-02 calipers for my 1991. I also have a performance brake kit (90-93) with EBC Green / slotted rotors. Now my options are somewhat limited if I want to finish this weekend. I have two choices

Option 1: OEM-spec 94-02 conversion

  • Use the ‘94-’02 rotors
  • Find ‘94-’02 rotors, pads, and clips at Autozone or Orielly
  • Return or sell the 90-93 EBC Greens / slotted rotors

Option 2: Up-rated 90-93

  • Use the 90-93 EBC Greens / slotted rotors
  • Find ‘90-93 calipers at Autozone or Orielly (I have cores)
  • Return or sell the ‘94-’02 calipers (they’re new, not re-manufactured)

Anyone have any ideas on which would give better braking performance?


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