I don't believe in jinxes, but the wife and I...

...were in Bossier City, LA to see today's Barksdale AFB Air Show. Cancelled due to expected inclement weather. Oh well. Worse things have happened. Leaving Bossier we stopped at a Sonic to order up a cold drink for the drive home. Cute little girl with a sparkling personality was our carhop, showing up with said drink and promptly informing us that today's date, statistically speaking, is the worst day for tornadoes across the US. Of Happenings! I gave Little Miss Sunshine a dollar tip and my wife and I just looked at each other not really knowing what to say. My wife finally wondered aloud if all Sonic carhops are now providing interesting weather factoids as a condition of their employment.

We rolled up the windows and I noticed that the AC wasn't blowing as cold as it usually does. And it got steadily worse, until it was finally blowing roughly the same temp air as the ambient temp outside. So the next 80 miles of Interstate was all windows down, 87 degrees and typical Louisiana humidity.

After we got home I popped the hood and looked for any signs of catastrophic failure. None that I could see. I bugs me that it went south so quickly and theirs no obvious signs. Perhaps a stone to the condenser on the way over to the Sonic.


And it was just yesterday on the trip over to Bossier I bragged on the Subaru for still blowing cold air despite having about 103k on clock.

Here's some early Genesis with "Watcher of the Skies"...

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