Have a rally Bentley for your jump...

First of all, fuck this project I'm on. Fuck everything about it, fuck this shitty customer, fuck the department I have to work for and their management's lack of backbone, fuck the people who agreed to the timeline and manpower allocations, most of all, fuck this project again.

Before anyone asks: no, I can't say what I'm doing or what the project is. But that doesn't mean I don't hate it less. I hate it more. In fact, I have considered leaving the company specifically over this project. That's right, after putting in over 70 hours one week, I lost my will to continue and started looking for a new job. Somehow I got talked out of that by my family when they said they thought I was showing signs of depression. I got a phone call asking how my day was going, I got on a roll about how much I hated the project (like now) and it turned into justifying leaving so that I don't have to work on it anymore. There was possibly some frustrated gibbering that (rightfully) came across the wrong way.

The next bit: why I hate this project. I was asked to help on this project several months ago because of my experience in the automotive and truck industry. Apparently that experience counts for nothing when I get questioned on ballpark load figures (that I didn't pull out of my ass but actually did some background research for) or when I try to explain why wheels, tires, and axles won't immediately and catastrophically fail when they're loaded above their load rating. Hint: load rating is static not the load the tire/wheel sees when it hits a pothole at 60 fucking miles an hour.


Also, getting hounded about not doing things that I have already done is starting to get old. Seriously, did you read the email I sent you? There is no need to need to email everyone on the project including my manager accusing me of not doing my job when I already answered your questions the day before. Also, sending out of date information to a supplier after I had sent the correct information and accusing me of not providing enough support is literally counterproductive.

The "what you're doing isn't good enough" emails have been incredibly demoralizing over the last month. Thanks but 5 months to do a 12 month project isn't enough time. No more lectures about quality of work when there is no time to even do design reviews. When drawings have to be pushed out for quoting on a first draft, the suppliers will be the ones finding the mistakes. While I'm at it, checking drawings takes longer than the 5 minutes everyone seems to think it does.


SolidWorks is bullshit.

Lastly, I was supposed to be done with this bullshit project 2 months ago. I was supposed to be working with another (big) customer that will actually benefit my department. I was supposed to be helping them with all of the experience that was supposed to mean something on this stupid project.


Thanks if you made it this far and read my drivel of writing. I'm so furious about this whole ordeal and there's really nothing I can do about it. I already asked to be reassigned, that fell through and someone had to take my place because of project bullshit.

Hopefully I will finally be allowed to leave once the drawings are completed. I will not be helping once parts start coming in. Sorry, I'm 2 states away from the build site, find someone else. If that sounds callous, it is. They made their bed by not enforcing the timeline and if shit shows up, sorry, I did my best.