"Yeah, suck it Valve! We'll get back get back at you for canceling Diretide for DOTA2 by spamming Volvo's social media pages! Oh, and we'll post a bunch of 1/10 reviews on Metacritic, because that will really make us look mature."

Uhhhhhhhh, ok then? I mean, these are the same people who decided Left for Dead 2 needed to be boycotted just because it was coming out a year after 1, but I don't get it. Volvo sounds a lot like Valve, ok. I get that. But this? Is it because people like Valve so much they can't bring themselves to directly criticize them? Or is this just an excuse to just be a general dumbass troll on the internet? Actually it probably just that.

Edit: For anyone wondering how this even came to happen, this video sums it up nicely: