Barely relevant pic of me on the track with my PC800 for your time

Many among us have lamented the demise of Lanesplitter since Sean left. After a good run of quality articles, it’s reverted to videos of crashes and stupid riders that make the rest of us look bad.

The other day, they posted a great article about the MSF course by our own Andrew Fails. It got a lot of great comments, many of which said that more content like this is exactly what Lanesplitter needs. This was followed by more videos of stupid riders.

I checked the numbers on the last three posts (including Fails’ article), and am dismayed.

Seemingly Good Citizen Ruins Moment By Being An Asshole
Views: 68.1k
Comments: 256
Stars: 15

Rock Throwing Road Raging Motorcyclist Records Their Own Crimes
Views: 34.2k
Comments: 255
Stars: 11


The MSF Course Is A Great Way To Start Riding But It’s Only The Start
Views: 14.5k
Comments: 254
Stars: 30

Apparently the road raging crap is far more popular than good writing and useful information. People who actually read the MSF piece are far more enthusiastic about it - twice as many stars from nearly 1/5 as many readers of the Good Citizen Ruins Moment piece. Curiously, all three posts have almost exactly the same number of comments, so that factor cancels itself out.

Unfortunately, the other numbers tell a sad story. The more article views, the more ad views, and the more money in Jalopnik’s pockets. Also, they don’t need to pay an extra writer/editor to focus on motorcycle articles if they just have their existing staff repost road rage crap they find elsewhere on the internet. Despite Fails’ good article, my hopes aren’t high that Lanesplitter will become great again.


This is just my personal opinion, based on some hard numbers that are current at the time I’m writing this.