So I knew that my car originally came from Florida. The original owner was in the Air Forcea and passed away in 2001. His sister inherited the car, and brought the car to Wisconsin. My car also has its original dealership sticker.

When I bought the car more of the sticker was visible, I think my Bro in law took some of it off when he waxed the car. But the sticker says Pete Moore Mitsubishi Subaru(that’s the part you can’t see at all any more) Volkswagen.

Well today I decided to lookup the dealership and see where it is and if it’s still in business. Turns out it’s in Pensacola Fl, and it’s still in business but now it’s Mitsubishi Chevy VW. I really have to wonder why they moved away from Subaru.

I think if I ever take the Galant on a big road trip I’ll have to stop by take some pictures of it there, hopefully before Mistu dies out completely in the US.