I didn't put back the starter yet, I was too tired to do it. I wanted to rest before and do it at 6 in the morning tomorrow. I called the broker and he told that it was ok as long as the truck starts before 9, which gives me enough time to do it. But then he said " Hey listen, if you stay with me, you'll make big bucks. I will run cheaper, you'll be richer. I got the rear brake boosters to do next week if you can, also I have a cylinder head to replace. I got friends that wants people like you to fix their trucks and are willing to pay good money for it too. I understand that winter sucks and it's cold outside, even I would not do it and I wont force you. But this summer, I have a lot of jobs for you if you want! I always have something that breaks each 2 weeks hahaha." . My kindness took over and said yes. Now i'll have a shit load of money but no time to spend it (really cool) and probably no time to watch that HUGE list of movies and shows I have to watch and games that I have to play (not cool). But, i'll clear my debts faster this way or pay myself a better condition sports car and at the same time, improve my skills and knowledge about trucks repair. What do you think of this Oppo. Did I do the right decision?