Almost one year ago I purchased a 1989 BMW 535i for not much money. The engine and transmission seemed pretty good and the price was certainly right. I’ve done lots to fix it up but there is still much to be done.

It drives well these days, lots of nice torque and with all of the rubber replaced up front it rides nice. However, it’s a death by a thousand cuts thing. The door panels are rough, the stereo can barely go higher in volume than the exhaust without getting crackly, steering is vague, front drivers door won’t lock, exterior needs some work, it’s got a loud ass set of small mufflers, the rocker panel is painted on one side, and it drips oil like every 20 year old M30 engine. And I feel like it’s rare to get time to work on it, so I just think about all of these issues.

Although, I’m also not sure if I wanted a different car what the easiest way to cut my losses would be(take a hit and sell it cheap, see if a dealer would take it, finish the big warts and sell it for close to what I have in to it).

Ive always liked the VW DSG mated to the 2.0. A GTI, or GLI, or a CC sound nice right about now. CCs look pretty good lowered just a touch, and with one of those I could post about my car being luxurious like all the cool kids are doing...