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I just got the results of my CEA test, the one that shows indications of colon cancer. The normal range is from 0 to 4.7. I was at 17 something before surgery and 4.0 after. Now, after six months of chemo hell I’m at 4.6. It’s still within the normal range, but higher than it was post-surgery. I’ve got a message into the doctor to get clarification on this and to figure out if I should be alarmed or not. I do have several tests coming up next month, including endoscopy, colonoscopy and multiple CT scans. Those should help clarify the situation, but I’m still in limbo.


I’m supposed to return to work next Monday. I just wonder how well I’m going to do when worrying about this stuff. Should I extend my leave until the tests are over? My oncologist was not helpful when it came to applying for short-term disability when trying to finish/recover from chemo, and I don’t think he’s going to be much help now. I’m sure he sees much worse cases than mine, but I’m really only concerned about myself right now, for obvious reasons, and only getting by financially with the help of family. I don’t want to extend that further if I don’t have to, but I’m just a little confused right now.

Sorry for the rambling. My mind is just going a mile a minute right now and I’m a little unfocused...

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