Email I just got from my wife about a scene she witnessed while at the Dr.’s office:

An elderly woman (Emma) being escorted by a caregiver (CG) arrived when I did. She was wheeled in a wheelchair to the waiting area just before I walked over there to sit down.

After about a minute, Emma started making multiple unsuccessful attempts to stand up out of her wheelchair.

CG: Do you want to get up?

Emma says nothing, and tries to get up again.

CG: Do you want to sit in the chair? [They were next to a row of chairs.] You need to tell me if you want to get up, so I can put the brake on.

The Caregiver helps Emma up. As she is helping Emma up, she says..

CG: We didn’t bring your walker with us—that makes it a little harder.

Emma: You probably put it in your pocket.

CG: Your walker? ..I don’t think it would fit.

Emma: He probably did it. [I don’t know who she was talking about. I don’t think the Caregiver did either.]

CG: Do you want to sit in the chair?

Emma: No. [Now standing.]

CG: Do you want to walk around?

Emma: Yes.

They walk around the waiting area in a small circle.

CG: Do you want to go around one more time?

Emma moves toward a chair. The Caregiver helps her sit down.

CG: Does your stomach feel okay now?

Emma: No. I hope it pukes all over everyone.

CG: Oh.

Emma gets up again with the Caregiver’s help. She walks over to her wheelchair, but instead of sitting down in it, she starts pushing it.

Emma: Did you move that?

CG: Yes, I put your wheelchair there.

Emma: Get him out of here.

CG: Who? The chair?

Emma: Well, yes, I’ve known him for years.

Lord, please don’t ever let me be that far gone.