But they deserve a hug. My health insurance (Anthem flavored ACA policy) has decided that they’re not going to properly cover the Basal insulin that has helped me get my numbers back in check.

What do I mean by not properly cover? Well on top of the 700 I pay for my coverage every month, this one prescription (out of 4 that I need for my diabetes) would cost me another 200 every month. Oh, and the other two alternatives that are on that level are covered in just about the same way. So what do they cover?

Well they cover something that I started taking 10 years ago. I was on this shit up until about 2 years ago, and my average blood sugar was almost double what it should have been for most of that time. The reason? Basal insulin is supposed to last evenly through the day, and this shit spikes 2 hours in, and only lasts 21-22 hours. Long story short, life was a roller coaster and being high was the only safe option to prevent random lows.

Everything came to a head last night. I had the worst low I’ve ever had. I felt like I could die for 2 hours straight (when your blood sugars are low, your body goes into a survival mode and tells you to eat everything you can get to). Then everything hit me at once. I’m sure my blood sugars jumped 200 points in the course of 5 minutes. Then I hurled for several minutes after.


Long story short we got a card in the mail yesterday to discount the stuff I was on that works down to a realistic and achievable number. I don’t know who funds these things but I wish I could hug them. Because my life depends on what they do.