I don't know who this chucklehead is, but congratulations on wasting $10,000...or quite possibly everybody's goddamn time.

Look at this bid history. The auction closed a little under an hour ago on eBay, as part of Seattle Police Department’s usual liquidation of their older fleet cars through the Bidadoo auction house.

Surplus Crown Vics, according to my on-and-off research, especially patrol cars, are not worth $10,000. Ever. This particular example is in Seattle PD blue, has a hole in the right rear quarter panel where the mechanics basically riveted some weird device, which you can see in this picture right before the “S”.


And then there’s the holes in the roof, and the fact that they removed the following: Spotlight, rear seats (since they don’t keep the original plush seats in stock), and left the blank door panels in. In other words, this is a Crown Vic that has been stripped to what Liberal-Land thinks is acceptable to liquidate to the general public.

It is by no means worth ten freaking thousand shmeckels. You could buy three Crown Vics of varying model years for that much, and still quite possibly have enough left over to make sure they were in running condition for flipping. Or better yet, you could buy a Ford Taurus, lightly used, at a dealer.


Whoever bought this car had better friggin’ pay out, or never, ever buy a used car again. And let this be enshrined in the annals of the Internet, u***j and a***c, you are both unrequited, total cunts. a***c for choosing to go with a $10,000 maximum bid, and then backing out at the last instant for your buddy u***j to end up holding the ten grand bag of shit-sausages.

And went over to the other auction and got a 2011 Crown Vic for...$2,650.


I swear, automatic bids should go die in a pit full of Satan’s flaming farts.

Edit: As an aside, it should be noted that a***c seemed fully prepared to bid up to $10k on both cars - so the 2010 Crown Vic auction was basically a “shock and awe” strategy to shell-shock any would-be bidders on the 2011 Crown Vic. I mean, his name shows up on both...so anyone that tried to bid on the 2011 would realize that this guy would also drive the bid to that kind of level as well.

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