Automotive unrelated rant after the jump. Picture unrelated, but still nice.

I’m not sure if anyone else here watches Cody’s Lab on YouTube. He does some pretty interesting stuff - mostly chemistry related, and some mining, gardening, and other random videos. His stuff is pretty tame compared to other videos out there, and I find it occasionally educational. Apparently someone (or a group of people) have kicked up a stink about some of his videos somehow being offensive, and as a result he is blocked from uploading under his monetized channel. He is having issues contesting the accusations. This isn’t the first I’ve heard of cases like this, and it annoys me. A coworker had something similar happen - he had a reasonably popular javascript game with Google Adsense and was almost at the point where he could get his first payment, but Google shut him down, and he couldn’t contest it. They rejected his appeal with no reasoning whatsoever. I think Google in this regard is getting too powerful and needs competition. Unfortunately it seems like the only ones big enough to give them competition would be Facebook or Microsoft, and so far neither of them are doing a direct competitor to YouTube.

Sorry, I needed to get that off my chest.