I don't like dealerships

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My car went into the shop last Thursday, and is still there 6 days later. I’m getting really upset, as they haven’t been keeping me updated as to what’s going on. This is a breakdown of the events so far.


Tuesday - car broke down, spent 2 days analyzing it myself, trying to figure what’s wrong. I think it’s the starter.

Thurs - car is taken in I’m told they will look at it latest tomorrow, earliest that night.


Friday -10:30am I call, car hasn’t been looked at, they will look at it at 11:30. Also my service guy is out sick, so I’m working with someone else.

Fri- 2:00, I call, car hadn’t been looked at. Talked with 2nd person.

Fri-2:30, they call, Trans code is being thrown, needs a trans guy to look at it. I confirm they have one on duty, but they are currently busy. Talked with 2nd person.


Fri-4:30, I call 1.5 hrs before they close to get an update, I get voicemail of 2nd person.

Sat-I neglect to call until 2:30. (They close at 3) because I was installing a water heater at my house. I called 2nd person, get voicemail again.


Sun/mon-place is closed because holiday & church day

Tues-I call them, we play phone tag for the first half of the day with the first guy. Trans range sensor failed, I give permission they can replace it. I asked when can I expect it done, they said earliest that night, latest the next day.


Wednesday (today)- I call at 1-ish, my service guy is in training. I talk to a 3rd person. She doesn’t know what I’m talking about, so she looks up my car, and there are no notes on what’s wrong with the car. In Disbelief, I say “are you serious? This is what’s wrong ...... I was told this yesterday”. “When did they say it would be done?” “...today!!!”. She said she’ll find out more, I asked how long am I waiting for a return call, she says half an hour.

Wed-2:00, 45 minutes after the previous call, I call back irritated but I’m Trying to hold my tongue. The nice customer service lady finds out the part has been ordered, but the guy who’ll install it is in the training as well. I started to go off, really mad, but stopped midway saying “I’d love to talk to your service manager”. I gave her my phone number, and had her recite it back to me to confirm it was correct.


I plan on calling each day for the service manager. I don’t feel like I have been treated respectfully at all this entire time, they have called me only once with an update. And it sounds like they figured what was wrong with the car last Saturday, but didn’t bother calling me. I had to call them Tuesday to get a update. The guy admitted they were swamped, but every conversation with them I make sure I say “this is my only car, I need it back”.

I know they are are busy, but I shouldn’t have to call them for an update, right? Thus can’t be the norm with dealerships, right?


Also, if my talk with the service manager doesn’t go the way I like, an heartful apology at least, where else on the dealership heirarchy can I go to talk to?

Update: the manager called back. I told her what happen, and how I felt neglected as a customer. I even added that I am in the market for a 2nd car (which I am) and that I have family that works for Chrysler (my dad-in-law), and how I feel Chrsyler probably isn’t worth my time anymore (not entirely true, but the service there is aggravating). She sounded like she can help diminish the bill a bit, so we’ll see...

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